Let’s Get Hacking!


NSBE’s Hacktivists is apart of our chapter’s initiative to provide our members with more and personalized opportunities for technical development. The Hacktivists are a group of coders with any level of programming experience, from 0 to over nine thousand. Various workshops from game development, programming fundamentals, cyber hacking, to using the terminal, will be covered.


Additionally, the Hacktivists are a group of members with some expressing interest in participating at Hackathon during NSBE, local, national, or global conferences and events. What is a Hackathon? Simply put: A hackathon is a coding marathon in which students display their programming knowledge into ideas/concepts to real-world problems, all in the course of 24 hours or more! For upcoming Hack-a-thons for the current year, visit MLH.


Individuals do not have to know how to code or even use a computer. This a chance to be taught an empowering and pervasive skill from the ground up, with mentoring and guidance.


Please speak with our Webmaster, Ricardo Joseph for more information

Ricardo Joseph

Webmaster | Computer Engineering