Spring Intramurals

DO YOU HAVE POTENTIAL FOR GREATNESS? LeBron James, Kevin Durant, Skylar Diggins, Kobe Bryant, and Brittney Griner… These men and women of excellence all had POTENTIAL and went on to become the great basketball players we know today—all through hard work, determination, and (perhaps) participating in an intramural sports team! So, if you also have POTENTIAL, consider joining our NSBE Intramurals Sports teams today! Showcase your POTENTIAL while leading the NSBE Gator Chapter to victory.

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Please note: Most registrations begin on January 9th and close on January 21st. Contact Sherly at membershipchair.ufnsbe@gmail.com for more information

Fall Regional Conference Partial Reimbursement

To be eligible for partial reimbursement of FRC expenses, you must complete ALL of the following​ steps​:

​​1. Attend FRC Mini-Conference OR register for the Annual Convention by Oct 28
2. ​Pay the $60 hotel price by the ​Oct 30 ​due date
​3. ​Attend​ the​ Opening Session and General Session​ ​
​4. ​Stay both nights at the hotel
​5. ​Submit reimbursement application by COB Nov 6
​6. ​Turn receipts into ​Treasurer, Bryeon Jones, by COB​ ​Nov 6

*Only registration, hotel, and gas expenses may be reimbursed.
*Registration confirmations are NOT acceptable; print bank statement and circle/highlight the transaction.
*Receipts must be itemized and have last 4 digits of credit card number.​

Questions? Shoot an email to treasurer.ufnsbe@gmail.com.

College of Engineering (COE) Homecoming Tailgate

Homecoming is here! And that means tailgating. The College of Engineering will be holding a huge tailgating event at 4pm in the North Lawn. Numerous engineering alumni, organizations, and faculty will be there. Come out network and show your gator pride!

Harris Corporation has setup a challenge where our organization could win $500! RSVP with your name and NSBE to Tara Wind at twind88@ufl.edu, and come out to Saturday’s tailgate!


NSBE Week is upon us! Next week from Tuesday October 21st to Saturday October 25th, our chapter will be holding events focused on fulfilling our mission to succeed professionally and positively impact the community.

The week will consist of four events: learning to make sound equalizers on October 21st; a college shadow day high school students, PCI Shadow Day, on October 22nd; a bowling social on October 23rd; and the biggest event of them all, catered towards the community, A Walk for Education (AWFE) on October 25th.

Please fill out this form to get updates throughout the week and sign-up for carpooling if you need a ride, or can offer one, to the off campus events

A walk for Education

The purpose of AWFE is to inform the local community about “opportunities available through education particularly in the STEM fields and to shatter myths about African Americans in math, science, engineering and other technological fields.” Volunteers will participate in walking door to door before commencing activities at the school at 11am. Starting at 11, there will be tabling and various booths for activities until 12:30pm. From 12:30 until 2, there will be games and recreation. Finally, food will be served by 2 until the conclusion of the program at 3.

Simple Audio Equalizer Manufacturing Made Easy with NSBE

During this event, students will be put into groups of two-three students in making a simple audio equalizer while being instructed by Junior. During this process, students will be able to utilize simple materials to make something that can be a great application to life since many students listen to audio on their laptops, television, cell phones, etc. They will be able to more feasibly change the sound settings to be able to listen to sounds how they want to.

Game of Zones: Bowling Social

The purpose of this event is to re-kindle the fire of why it is of the students best interest to join UF NSBE. Throughout this event we will have a layback event that will also be competitive through bowling. We also hope to make sure that this event will be relaxing as we go into the next event, A Walk for Education.

PCI Shadow Day

During this event, students will adequately expose high school students to STEM and the University of Florida within in the time allotted for the event. The purpose of this event is to inform students of multiple STEM topics through discussion and activity, as well as showing them highlights of the campus here at UF. The expected outcome: Hopefully, the students will walk away with a stronger, more informed desire to attend college and choose a STEM major, additionally they will gain a first-hand perspective for the campus of UF.

Mini Conference

During Mini Conference, students will be exposed to what will be happening at FRC and how to approach companies there. They will learn how to approach companies through learning how to make elevator speeches, interviewing strategies and resume critiquing. There will be a presentation from the CRC as well as experienced students to help out if anyone was feeling nervous about this process.

Lunch with Harris Corporation

Harris Corporation has invited our chapter for a free tour and lunch with them. Use this as an opportunity to network with recruiter, explore and learn more about the opportunities that Harris Corporation has in store for student like yourself.

1. Make your reservation. 2. Have your professor signed the Excused Absence form

Harris Corporation is an American Florida-based international telecommunications equipment company that produces wireless equipment, …learn more about Harris