Admin Zone

Welcome to the Head of NSBE Gator Chapter, the Administration Zone. Every decision that is made passes through this zone for approval. The Administration Zone is headed by the President, and contains all the other zone leaders,meaning the Vice President, Secretary, Programs Chair, Treasurer, and Parliamentarian. Hence, this zone administers all the affairs of the organization.

The Administration Zone strives to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of NSBE Gator Chapter in all of its endeavors. The hierarchy in effect in our organization calls for a decision that is made by the Administration Zone to trickle down first to the other four zones, then to the general body for implementation.

The Administration Zone also adapts and adjusts. Feedback is very important to the Administration process; therefore, the Administration Zone places high consideration on every comment, suggestions, or concern it receives from the other zones, as well as the general body. All successes and failures depend on this zone, which makes it the most vital to the organization. The Administration Zone is made of leaders that lead potential leaders. With such responsibility, the Administration Zone should never forget their esteem, and the examples that they are setting for future leaders of not only at the University of Florida Chapter of the National Society of Black Engineers, but also at personal and national levels.