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Welcome to the Communications Zone. This Zone is the voice of UFNSBE on the University of Florida campus, as well as in the community. The Communications Zone is responsible for all the public relations that occurs between UFNSBE and other organizations, business, and students. The Communications Zone also oversees the website and its forums.

The Communication Zone, in addition to the secretary, is made up of the Public Relations Chair, the two Co-Chairs/Webmasters, the Historian, the Publications Chair, and the BEC Representative. Each of these zone members serves as a communication link within the organization and to non-members and corporations. This is why the Communications Zone earns the nickname “the voice of UFNSBE”.

The Communication Zone also oversees all forms of communication to ensure that they accurately represent UFNSBE in terms of professionalism and accuracy. The work of the Communication Zone impacts many aspects of UFNSBE. The Communication Zone represents UFNSBE through contact with business, students, other organizations and other chapters. Consequently, it is imperative that they possess an acceptable level of professionalism and communication skills. The Communication Zone usually creates first contact and is the responsible for the first impression of UFNSBE to society.

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