Finance Zone


As in any organization, funds are a necessity for success. The Finance Zone fulfills such duties associated with the funds of UFNSBE. The Finance Zone ensures the availability of needed funds for most UFNSBE events. Finance thus plays a major role in our society.

Equipped with the Treasurer, Finance Chair and the Conference Planning Chair, the Finance Zone plans fundraisers, prepares the chapter for conferences, the national convention, and allocates funds for different activities to ensure appropriate money management. The Finance Zone members serve as the accountants of UFNSBE.

The Finance Zone is constantly brainstorming innovative ways of bringing funds into the organization. Their work influences the other zones’ flexibility and ability to plan various programs and events. Subsequently, every zone depends on the Finance Zone to be effective. If the Finance Zone fails, it has a greater impact on the chapter because the scope of the events would be seriously diminished. The Finance Zone fuels UFNSBE and is at the fore of its successes.



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