Membership Retention: To have a consistent amount of members attending general body meetings from beginning of the year to the end.

Academic Retention: Witness our chapter’s GPA rise as a whole. We want to put academics in the forefront because good grades are the gateway to numerous opportunities. Our goal is to also show that you can take on a leadership position and maintain your grades; it’s all about how you plan and manage your time and how you prioritize.


Below are the main programs to help accomplish these goals:


Study Jamz:

  • Mock Exams: hand out a sample test for a class (say chemistry). Have everyone take this test like it was the actual exam (timed and everything). Have the tests graded and go over general problem areas (questions most people got wrong).
  • Study Groups: Have everyone submit their schedules. Pair people up according to the classes they’re taking. Make everyone aware of who’s taking what and form study groups according to their classes.
  • Goal: Increase in participation and 90% of members leaving study jamz feeling like they got things done. They actually accomplished what they set out to accomplish

Mentorship Program:

  • Goal: For the mentees not to repeat the same mistakes that their mentors did and use the knowledge that their mentors are providing them to excel academically, succeed professionally, and positively impact the community