Zone Stipulations

Each zone will have stipulations required to help our chapter reach my vision. For programs zone we want no more than one program a month, all programs planned with our stapled target market in mind, planned ahead with enough time to publicize effectively, compile and manage guaranteed 4.0 data, and mission focused. For communication zone we would like events publicized at minimum one week in advance, a continuous effort to identify creative ways to increase the visibility of NSBE. For finance zone we want an increase of fundraisers with a minimum of at least 5 total fundraising events executed, award members academically astute with conference discounts, find ways to lower conference costs, and constantly brainstorm ways to receive money from SG, corporate partners, etc. For membership zone we would like to increase membership activity by 20%, have at least 9 executive board members return for a position next year, perform impactful surveys to constantly keep the members wants in mind, and provide adequate check-ups to both the executive board and the general body members. The administration zone will be family orientated, hierarchy followed, provide effective communication of task to the executive board members, and handle differences respectfully and professionally.