Our Vision

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Academic Excellence
This year the Gator Chapter will be revamping its academic excellence program and resources in order to cater to STEM majors with various learning styles.

  1. We understand that study groups are essential and sometimes hard to come by. So we are helping create them for you! Study groups have shown to allow students to view class material from multiple perspectives and facilitate a more productive learning environment. We will be collecting members’ class schedules and grouping them together by course during our first general body meeting. Courses with 2 or more students will be assigned as a group.
  2. Fast Track Academics: This program mainly targets our underclassmen in order to assist them with their core courses and high school to college transition. This is a semester long program that focuses on improving study skills, mentorship, and resource building. Our Academic Excellence chair will be using key portions of the Guarantee 4.0 program to teach important collegiate study skills while having academic coaches hold students accountable for meeting goals they will set for themselves. These coaches will monitor their progress and keep students from falling behind in their classes.
    • Metrics: At the beginning of the term students will be asked their schedules and their previous semesters GPA will compare it to the end of the term. Every 2 weeks participants will be surveyed on their progress throughout the program to ensure maximum results.
  3. Study Skills Sessions and Workshops
    • Every 2 weeks we will be hosting study skills sessions. During the first 15 minutes we discuss ways to improve study habits and present resources around campus for tutoring as well as course material. A calendar will also be posted of the larger review sessions held around campus!

Professional Development
Internships [and cooperative opportunities] are the best way to:

  • Gain real world knowledge not being taught in classrooms
  • Greatly increase their sphere of influence through networking
  • Most important, make the entry-level candidate far more employable

In fact, a recent study by Gardner, Chow and Hurst for Michigan State states that 90% of direct-from-college hires will go to those with internship experience on their resume.” — Forbes Magazine

“We try our best to hire engineers with previous intern or co op experience. We noticed that there is a significant learning curve in favor of those with experience and a smoother transition.” — Bill Trapp, Eastman Chemical Company

The Gator Chapter will host professional development workshops that cater to resumes, interview preparation, and key skills needed in order to get that job offer! We will be having our annual Gators Connecting with Corporate mini career fair this fall on September 30th our members to meet with companies in a professional yet relaxed atmosphere.

Our goal for the year is to obtain a 75% success rate at NSBE’s annual convention of those who receive offers. Last year, of the 85 attendees, 60% of them were extended offers. This includes: internships, co ops, and full time offers.

Membership and Involvement
The NSBE Gator Chapter wants you to feel a part of our family too! We plan to increase our general body attendance by 30% by creating a more welcoming and interactive atmosphere for our members. You have a voice and you MATTER! We are bringing back our zone competitions called Game of Zones where we will play games and do activities that emphasizes what NSBE is really about.

Regional Directives and Initiatives
 —   Drive technical and academic excellence through innovative programs and strategic partnerships
 —   Develop a culture of leadership in the region that encourages members to step up to the Regional or National Executive Board
 —   Enhancing the R3 experience
 —   Strategic Programming
 —   Membership Engagement

National Directives and Initiatives
 —   Academic Excellence
 —   Chapter Enpowerment
 —   Culturally Responsible Behavior
 —   Gender Empowerment
 —   African American Women in STEM
 —   My Brothers Keeper